If your fridge is making funny noises or isn’t keeping things cool anymore, 可能是时候升级了. Even if you’re not a techie, it’s worth considering smart fridges. They have tons of features that make daily life more convenient, like hands-free water dispensers and touchscreens you can use to look up recipes. 

市面上有这么多智能冰箱, it can be difficult to find the right one for your budget and needs. To help you pick the perfect model, here are five of the best smart refrigerators of the year. 


1. 三星家用四门冰箱


Our top pick is this four-door, WiFi enabled fridge from Samsung. It has a built-in touchscreen called the Family Hub that will quickly become the heart of your kitchen. It allows you to stream TV shows, browse the web, and look up recipes based on what’s in your fridge. The Family Hub also integrates with other Samsung smart appliances and can even send them cooking instructions. 它与Ring兼容, 巢, 和Alexa, allowing you to monitor and control your entire home without leaving your kitchen. 

Inside the fridge has ample space and adjustable shelves, 这使得储存像牛奶罐这样的大件物品更容易. There’s also a FlexZone drawer with four temperature settings and a movable divider to keep your food and drinks organized. If you want to purchase this top of the line fridge, you can get it 现在在打折 仅为3509美元. 


2. LG InstaView反深度冰箱



我们第二喜欢的智能冰箱是这个 LG的反深度模型. It has a glass panel that allows you to see inside without opening the door and letting cold air out. It’s equipped with a craft ice maker that makes round ice cubes and other fun shapes. The water dispenser can fit bottles of all sizes and dispense exact amounts of water down to the ounce. 

这款冰箱也与ThinQ应用程序兼容, 谷歌的助理, 和Alexa, 让你可以通过语音控制来操作. Although it doesn’t have a touchscreen or integrate with Ring and 巢, it’s still a solid choice. If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can get it 现在在打折 for $3,799 and save $600. 


3. 达科专业并排冰箱



Dacor专业级冰箱 充满了升级. It has a power cool function that can quickly lower the fridge’s temperature if you leave it open for too long. The soft-close stainless steel doors can be opened with just a push, which is useful when you’re carrying heavy shopping bags. 

这 fridge also features a powerful twin cooling system and humidity-controlled crispers to keep your food fresh for longer. It has a large capacity of 24 cubic feet, making it a perfect choice for big families. It’s even WiFi enabled and compatible with the Samsung SmartThings app, allowing you to receive updates about your fridge and control certain functions from your phone or smartwatch.

The only downside of this fridge is that it’s quite pricey at $7,999. So it may not be the right appliance for you if you’re on a tight budget. 


4. 博世法式门冰箱



If you’re looking for a fridge that’s a little easier on your wallet, check out this one from Bosch. It 零售价为3399美元, making it one of the most affordable smart refrigerators on the market. One feature we love is the advanced filtering system that removes food odors and ethylene, 使农产品变质的气体. 这有助于你的食物保持更长时间的新鲜. 您还可以享受内部的饮水机, which is tucked away inside the fridge to give the exterior a more streamlined look. 冰箱里甚至还有一个工艺制冰机, 可定制的货架上, and space-saving door bins large enough to fit a gallon of milk. 

Bosch’s French Door Refrigerator is WiFi enabled and compatible with the Home Connect app. 它可以让你调节冰箱的温度, 照明, 更多的是使用你的手机, Fitbit, 或Alexa-enabled设备. The app can even run diagnostics and alert you if your fridge’s door is ajar so you don’t waste energy. 


5. 通用电气配置法式门冰箱



在3099美元 通用概要文件 is a great budget option that doesn’t skimp on features. The built-in water dispenser has a convenient, hands-free autofill function. It detects how big your glass is and dispenses the perfect amount of water every time. 还有一个可选的第二台制冰机, 门上有一个下拉托盘,用来存放多余的东西, and a turbo cool setting to lower your fridge’s temperature fast.

As an added bonus, the 通用概要文件 is WiFi enabled and compatible with the SmartHQ app. You can use it to control your fridge remotely from your phone and get important updates. 例如, you’ll receive a notification if your fridge needs to be serviced or the doors are left open. SmartHQ also works with Alexa and 谷歌的助理 so you can operate your fridge with voice control. 



现在你已经挑选了一个漂亮的智能冰箱, you may want to update the rest of the kitchen to match it. We’ve been building and remodeling homes in the Dallas area for over 50 years, so our 厨房装修专家 我很乐意为您效劳. 你也可以 今天就bt365体育在线 to get a free estimate for your kitchen or other renovation project. 


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